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WebMistress ServicesKeep your website under strict discipline with our WebMistress Service.

This service is for busy professionals who are so busy doing what they do that they don’t want to fool with all this tedious stuff. That’s what geeks-for-hire are for.

For a $55 monthly fee for one website (that we developed), we’ll do the following for you:

Monthly Maintenance

  • Host your website at no additional charge if you would like us to – you’ll get up to 10MB storage and 20GB monthly bandwidth.
  • Provide WordPress training videos embedded right in your Dashboard
  • Periodically check under the hood of your site and make sure everything is still safe, secure, and running right. Expect to get test emails from us through your contact forms, etc.
  • Keep your installations and scripts up to date so that they don’t leave gaping holes for hackers. Thanks to this service, NONE of our clients were left vulnerable to the WordPress Worm that hit a lot of folks – even super-famous ones – over Labor Day Weekend 2009.
  • Keep weekly backup copies of the database(s) that run your site, because databases are notoriously moody and sometimes they just decide to take a powder for no apparent reason.

Updates to content and graphics – up to 1 hour per month

  • Make minor graphics updates and changes to the copy on your site as you need it, in a timely fashion. We’ve all had our requests go into that circular inbox for webmasters, no? We’ll do up to one hour of updates for you a month (no, they don’t roll over like AT&T minutes) at no additional charge.
  • Did you write a new page of content and you don’t even want to think about uploading it, formatting it, adding photos, video, or hyperlinks, or figuring out how to set up navigation links to it? No problem – just shoot as an email with the page in a Word or Pages document, along with the photo(s) you want to include separately, and we will make it so. We can typically add 4 blog posts a month to your site for your within your one hour limit.
  • For more than one hour per month of updates, we’ll bill you at a discounted hourly rate of $100/hour in quarter hour increments. By contrast, non-support clients must pay a $150 minimum and then $100/hour billing in quarter hour increments.

Broken or Down Website Support

  • Did your website break, go down, etc.? If it’s through no fault of your own (i.e., you didn’t touch it) – we’ll work tirelessly with the development team and liase with the host until everything is perfect again. No charge.
  • If you broke it by doing things like: installing plugins without consulting us, cutting and pasting directly from MSWord, hiring a “SEO” consultant and letting them mess with the code, etc. – the first hour of troubleshooting goes against your one hour per month and subsequent time is billed at $100/hour in quarter hour increments.
  • Note: if you’re using a friendly, helpful host like LiquidWeb or WPEngine that excels in managing WordPress websites, we’ll usually go the extra mile for you in working with the host to resolve issues. If, however, you’re using a smaller, or less WordPress-friendly host, we may have to ask you to step in to directly deal with issues involving your host. The most efficient way for us to support your website is for you to choose our free hosting, which is built on LiquidWeb.

Future Discounts on New Projects

  • Offer discounts if you want an actual design overhaul later on down the road – a full design project is eligible for a 10% discount off the regular rate.

Note: third-party software integrations can add to the monthly fee, as we support all facets of your site.

Basically, we’re here to be here for you, rather than disappearing or becoming unavailable, grumpy, and mumbling unintelligibly whenever you have a question for us as soon as the last design bill is paid.

If you subscribe within 14 days of your site launch, there is no set-up fee. If you didn’t subscribe when your site launched, but now wish to do so, your subscription is subject to a $150 setup fee per website before becoming active.

As one client recently said, “I want to be a content expert, not a technical expert.” – so pass the geek baton to us!

This service is ONLY available to Rowboat Media design clients – we don’t take responsibility for maintaining code we didn’t create, because it causes excess profanity.

Cancellation Policy

We keep our clients long term by making it easy for them to leave whenever they want to.

Just let us know and we’ll instruct you on how to cancel your service. If you’re hosted with us, too, we need 30 days notice to help make your transition to a new host or hosting account a smooth one.  For more details, see our Customer Service Policies.

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