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As a quality-focused boutique design agency, we take the time to develop personal, long-lasting relationships with our clients, many of whom return for updates or designs for additional sites.

We’re straight shooters here in the Rowboat — your wishes are always honored, but you’ll get the benefit of our considered opinions on your marketing and design-related questions and ideas.



The Rowboat Media design aesthetic features thoughtful font choices, harmonious colors, artwork and negative space. We’re known for audaciously nudging professional clients in conventional fields toward designs that are less staid than those of their peers.

We help clients express who they really are to prospects within a clean, mobile responsive architecture that invites viewers to take action.


light-bulbWhen it comes to creating websites, what’s under the hood is as important as what the user sees.

Our team spends countless hours – and dollars – on continuing education to make sure we are leveraging the most current techniques to create clean-running, fast loading code to keep the mechanics of your website humming quietly in the background like the engine of a luxury sedan.


light-bulbIf you’ve been paying attention and had a website for a while (or even if you haven’t), you may have learned that the adage, “if you build it, they will come” doesn’t apply.

Once you’ve got that fabulous new website designed to convert browsers into clients, you need to GET them there. That’s where content marketing comes in, and we can help.


light-bulbIf you’re like us (crazy insane business owners), you really don’t have time to deal with ONE MORE THING. Sometimes the very last straw can be keeping a website up to date, dealing with downtime issues, or spending two hours Googling tutorials to figure out how to do something a web development professional can do in five minutes with two broken thumbs.

We take care of those things so you don’t have to – and you can leverage YOUR skills doing that thing you do that makes the money stuff.

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