Levys’ Unique New York Site Review

Here’s what a travel agent who works with our client had to say to the Levys about their new Rowboat Media website design (emphasis added):

“In short, I think this website is FANTASTIC. I am sure you can imagine that I spend quite a bit of time online and this website is intuitive, easy to read, and visually pleasing. I would consider it in the top 10% of websites as far as sheer efficiency of layout, etc. is concerned. This kind of stuff seems like it should be easy, but I know that it takes a LOT of work and thought to really pull off like this.

As far as content is concerned, tour operators can find rates and contact information immediately, which I love. Also, you have given us a LOT more specific information about different tours and options, which I think is great for operators like Hemisphere that have a lot of quirky, specific interest groups coming through. This way I can see how long things take and what would be included, even if I try to schedule walking tours at rush hour in Times Square (much to your father’s dismay! I am getting better, I think!).

As a private user, you have a lot of information about NYC and about the Levy’s and co. which I think would be really good for someone who was looking to hire a private tour guide and not be intimidated about it. I know that before entering the travel industry, I myself would be REALLY intimidated about hiring a private guide, and your site makes it easy and approachable and accessible,which is really the beauty of the internet, in a lot of ways. I like all the info on your blog for NYC junkies and the FAQ will clear up questions for industry peeps and regular folk alike.

I think your web designer did a remarkable job of integrating the dynamic character of your guide service and company with the logistical demands of a snappy, informative website. It looks cool, it works well, and importantly, I can find everything I would be looking for.

I hope you guys are happy with your new “look” across the board! I am sure you put a ton of work into it, and I can tell you from this side, it really shows. You had a remarkable guide service to begin with, and now you have a public face that matches that! :)”

Brenda Errichiello
Educational Account Executive
Hemisphere Educational Travel

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