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Check out a few of our favorite projects and happy website design clients below. No, of course the unhappy clients aren’t on this page. They’ve…gone on an extended vacation to parts…unknown.

Special note: Being the extremely observant individual that you are, you may have picked up on a preponderance of lawyer website designs below. Don’t worry if you’re not a lawyer – we’ll be your website designer, too! We’ve just been fortunate enough to help several of these fine professionals with their Web presence and Google rankings, and happy customers refer others in their field, and the next thing you know – lawyerland!  And if you’re having legal trouble…er…we know some people. If you’re a lawyer, you might want to read 7 Reasons We Love Designing Websites for Lawyers.

Case Study – LevysUniqueNewYork.com

Levys Unique New York! New York's First Family of Tour Guides

Project Summary

Client: Matt & Mark Levy, Levys’ Unique New York! LLC
Industry: Travel/Tourism
Location: Brooklyn, New York USA

The Brief:

If the Levys could put an exclamation mark in their website address, they would. As a brash, fun, playful, story-based NYC tour outfit, they needed a multimedia website that was as dynamic and changeable as they are. With a custom-built tour page builder, videos, and images, we made WordPress and Thesis roll over, sit up and fetch for this client.

What the Client Said:

“Website launched….brilliantly, successfully, wonderfully, amazingly. Everyone oohed and aahed at your gorgeous web design. Thanks for all you did.”

Matt Levy – Levys’ Unique New York!

Case Study – Feinlawyer.com

Richard S. Feinsilver - Long Island Bankruptcy Lawyer

Project Summary

Client: Richard S. Feinsilver, Esq.
Industry: Bankruptcy and Real Estate Law
Location: Long Island, New York USA

The Brief:

Repeat client Rich Feinsilver badly needed a redesign of the flagship website for his Long Island bankruptcy law and real estate law practice. He wanted a way for users to easily access content on both bankruptcy and real estate, quickly be able to contact him, and view context sensitive videos. Rich also blogs and adds content often, so the flexibility of a WordPress website design was a must.

What the Client Said:

Rich is a man of few words via Blackberry when it comes to doing business – but the fact that he has hired Rowboat Media 3 times in the past year to create website designs for him speaks volumes.

Case Study – A Nun’s Life Ministry

A Nun's Life Ministry

Project Summary

Client: Sister Julie Viera, IHM and Sister Maxine Kollasch, IHM
Industry: Ministry
Location: Chicago, Illinois USA

The Brief:

Sisters Julie and Maxine host the world’s most popular website for women discerning the call to become nuns or Catholic sisters. At ANunsLife.org, they share their thoughts on world events, answer spiritual and practical questions, and reveal the details of everyday life as a nun via their blog, daily podcasts, video, social media, and community forum. They had outgrown their existing default Thesis blog design, and wanted a custom website design that better represented and housed their multiple channels of communication.

The User Perspective:

Reader comments after the transformation: “I LOVE the new look. Very chic!” “Very eye-catching. I like!” “What a great new look – I love it! I really enjoy the site and visit it frequently throughout my day to see what’s new – thank you!” “Love it. Clean and neat. Eye-pleasing colors.”

Case Study – TriBeCa Therapy

TriBeCa Therapy - NYC Psychotherapist Matt Lundq

Project Summary

Client: Matt Lundquist
Industry: Psychotherapy, learning therapy
Location: New York, New York – USA

The Brief:

Matt Lundquist provides creative psychotherapy services to artists, performers, and generally creative people, and wanted a Thesis website design that reflected his vision. Read more details…

What the Client Said:

“[Rowboat Media] understands what it means to use the internet to maximize the marketing of a service-based business.  As a psychotherapist, I’m always concerned that my marketing use a delicate touch (I’m not selling office products!).  Cynthia and Deborah understood that.”

Matt Lundquist – TriBeCa Therapy

Case Study – Arch City Homes

Karen Goodman, St. Louis Realtor

Project Summary

Client: Karen Goodman
Industry: Real Estate/Realtor
Location: St. Louis, Missouri – USA

The Brief:

Karen Goodman is a leader in the St. Louis real estate market in her creative use of new media to help her clients find and sell residential properties. She uses and educates other Realtors in the use of Twitter, Facebook, video, and blogging to provide an additional level of service to clients. Read more details…

What the Client Said:

“The fact that you can get an anal client like me to say ‘YOU ROCK’ is a huge compliment. Thanks for doing such an amazing job and putting up with me!  FYI…in less than one month, my bounce rate is down and my traffic is up. And honestly, isn’t that all that matters when it comes to websites!”

Karen Goodman – Arch City Homes

Case Study – AGYNAMIX Software


agynamix-simidude-portAGYNAMIX Consulting

Project Summary

Client: Torsten Uhlmann
Industry: Software Development and Consulting
Location: Thalheim, Germany

The Brief:

Torsten had two websites and blogs – one for his AGYNAMIX software consulting business and another to promote his Simidude cross-platform networked clipboard product. He wanted to consolidate the two websites – one Joomla and one WordPress – and focus prospects on three main offerings – software consulting services, downloadable software products, and support. He wanted to use Thesis due to its strong SEO framework. Read more details…

What the Client Said:

“That’s a slick website design…really an amazing work…it’s a great piece of artwork!”

Torsten Uhlmann – AGYNAMIX

Case Study – HiddenHillsFarms.com

Hidden Hills Farms - Kansas City, Missouri

Project Summary

Client: Jennifer Charlson, Hidden Hills Farms
Industry: Sustainable local farming
Location: Near Kansas City, Missouri USA

The Brief:

Jennifer was in a huge rush when she contacted us – her previous website for Hidden Hills Farms was an uneditable static site and out of date, and she had two big expos coming up. Since we’re passionate about good, REAL food – we’ve been known to drive 45 minutes one way for local grass-fed beef and raw milk ourselves, we jumped through many a hoop to help her put her best face forward.

Case Study – LesterLaw.com

Patric Lester & Associates

Project Summary

Client: Patric Lester & Associates
Industry: FDCPA Law
Location: San Diego, California | St. Louis, Missouri USA

The Brief:

Pat Lester had a sadly outdated static HTML site that had been cobbled together over time, and caused several breakers in his office to flip when he tried to edit it. He came to us wanting a website he could edit, and a clean, simple design that made his two office locations – between which he commutes – very obvious to visitors.

Case Study – Lewis Roberts, Esq.

Florida Bankruptcy Lawyer Lewis Roberts

Project Summary

Client: Lewis Roberts, P.A. – Lewis Roberts, Esq.

Industry: Bankruptcy & Consumer Advocates
Location: Ormond Beach, Florida – USA

The Brief:

Lewis Roberts had worked with several of the big website contract firms – lawyers, you know who they are – it’s a short but famous list – and was tired of paying big money for Google anonymity. He came to us for help. More Details…

What the Client Said:

“Nothing but praise for Cynthia and everyone at Rowboat Media! She came highly recommended and did not disappoint…The look and feel is exactly what I was looking for…As soon as I saw the first draft of the website, I knew it was the final draft…

I have already recommended Rowboat Media to other attorneys and am thinking of a website for my wife’s business…Thank you!”

Lewis Roberts, Esq. – Ormond Beach, Florida

Case Study – Cooper Law Firm, LLC – amclaw.net

Cooper Law Firm, LLC

Project Summary

Client: Cooper Law Firm, LLC – Angela M. Cooper, Esq.

Industry: Bankruptcy, Social Security Disability, Personal Injury
Location: Mobile, Alabama – USA

The Brief:

Angela Cooper tried to build her own website for her solo law firm using a GoDaddy template, and quickly realized she was sinking fast – so she contacted us and we hauled her in to shore. She had the good sense (listen up, people) to go hire a professional photographer and get some great shots, and we liked the one of her standing on a white background so much that we built her site design around it. Then we stumbled upon the perfect 50’s style font for her firm name and – well – one thing led to another.  Read more details…

What the Client Said:

“Everyone loves the website!”

Angela M. Cooper, Esq. – Mobile, Alabama Solo Practitioner

Case Study – Harrington & Myers – SwampLaw.com


Project Summary

Client: Harrington & Myers
Industry: Bankruptcy Attorneys – Filings and Litigation
Location: New Orleans/Southern Louisiana – USA

The Brief:

Kirk Myers & Elisabeth Harrington have been performing bankruptcy litigation work and client filings in the Southern Louisiana area for almost two decades.  When their old website got hacked (yikes!) and their previous webmaster did not respond to an all-planet APB (naw, this never happens, does it?), they saw it as the perfect opportunity to start all over with a super-search-optimized Thesis website from Rowboat Media.

We, on the other hand, saw it as the perfect opportunity to have fun with the word “swamp.”  I mean, how often does a web designer get something so visually juicy to work with?  In the legal field, people, bring your minds back…sheesh.

What the Client Said:

“We love the look of the website and the relationship you have built with us.  Thank you!”

Kirk Myers & Elisabeth Harrington –  Southern Louisiana Bankruptcy Attorneys

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