Copyblogger/StudioPress Black Friday Sale – on a Wednesday?

We just got word that Copyblogger Media is jumping the gun and starting their Thanksgiving weekend blowout TODAY, and it’s WAY more fun than getting trampled at a discount store.

You can save $70 on Premise for WordPress, the ridiculously multi-faceted sales-page creator, membership site manager, and content dripping engine that we’ve only BEGUN to begin exploring ourselves.

Plus Brian Gardner and the StudioPress crowd are slashing 25% off of Genesis and all the child themes. If you like to dabble and want access to ALL of the StudioPress themes for Genesis, now is the time to save big bucks on the big license. Or start small and save small.

The catch is – you gotta go through this link:

Copyblogger Media’s Black Friday Sale

Then you find the link in that blog post and click THAT link, and you get the new prices. You can’t just go in the front door – I know, because I just tried it from our Mobile Responsive Website Themes review post.

So – if you’ve been waiting around to try out these products, you might want to grab’em now. They all come with a 30-day money back guarantee, and after you’ve clicked that link, you can poke around all you want before you execute.

Happy Thanksgiving!

photo by: Plutor

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