Are you thrashing around in the deep end when it comes to online marketing?

Are you tired of paying hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars a month to a high-pressure corporation for a boring website you don’t even own?

Is your website embarrassingly out of date because it’s such a pain in the butt to make the smallest changes?

Are you starting a new law practice and the last thing you want to have to learn is how to set up your own website?

We can help.

At Rowboat Media, we specialize in creating scalable WordPress websites that can grow with your business. Our signature design style gives you a professional, sharp look that is approachable and memorable to prospects.

More importantly, we don’t attempt to dazzle you with technospeak while we make a play for your wallet.

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Since 2008, we’ve been helping law firms, businesses, consultants and professionals tell their stories on the Web. Meet the team

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